Mobile Counseling is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Our services are based upon the belief that you are not broken or need fixing but that you need additional tools and guidance for healing.

What is Mobile Counseling?

Mobile counseling one way we deliver our service that can address a need that has not been met with respect to mental health counseling. With various populations of individuals having barriers to access to services that are need whether it is because of distance, transportation, physical or mental disability, some individuals are not able to participate in a traditional clinical setting. Mobile counseling takes these services to the populations that need them and offers a unique opportunity to see how the individual operates within their natural environment, not all cleaned up and pretty sitting in a therapists office. With mobile counseling it may offer more effective interventions “upstream” as a result of being immersed in the client’s home and world. It would seem that we have many other areas less important with more investment in time and energy such as mobile pet grooming or windshield repair! Mobile counseling’s time has come.

My services are based upon the belief that YOUR healing begins "wherever you are" spiritually and physically.

As a result, although we offer traditional in office counseling, we also bring our services to VIA MOBILE COUNSELING.

As a result of this unique way of helping the community, a high percentage of my clients are from word-of-mouth alone. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and guide you through the healing process. You are encouraged to make a donation according to what you feel is appropriate.