Weight Loss Surgery Counseling Support

(pre and post-op)

I offer individual psychotherapy services for patients at any stage of bariatric surgery.

I use my own personal success and experience as a 12+year Weight Loss Surgery patient. Please contact me to set up a consultation for counseling or an assessment required by your WLS program.





Individual Virtual 


Are you having difficulty deciding whether or not to undergo WLS? Do you want to resolve disordered eating patterns prior to WLS? Are you having difficulty adjusting to lifestyle changes post-surgery? Are you struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, or relationship problems post-WLS? Are you regaining weight after surgery? Individual psychotherapy can help treat these and many other issues that bariatric surgery patients struggle with.



Is your family or spouse/partner having difficulty adjusting to your WLS? Families tend to stabilize around certain patterns and roles. When one person experiences a change it can often disrupt the whole family system. Many couples/ families seek professional help during these times. I work with couples and families to enable healthy communication and create a new "normal" where each individual experiences increased satisfaction.

Group Virtual Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to meet with other individuals struggling with similar issues. Groups are generally structured around a common theme (i.e.. 1 year+ post WLS or mindful eating) and may be either time-limited (a specific start and end date) or longer term and open-ended. Whether time-limited or open-ended, group members are expected to commit to regular attendance at group sessions. Dropping in for occasional group meetings (common in 12-step style groups) is not allowed. I believe that the power of group psychotherapy lies in the connections that group members make with each other and consistent attendance at group is necessary to establish these important relationships. Group psychotherapy is a great way to connect with other people in the WLS community while also having the benefit of professional treatment.